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Commerce Technologies LLC has been providing IT services to small and medium sized businesses for over 23 years.  We have designed, built, installed and maintained PC-based networks since the days of Windows for Workgroups, Novell 1 and LANtastic.

Our philosophy is simple, we become startegic partners with our clients.  We always work in our clients' best interests and believe that we all prosper together.  For us, business is personal, and our services and products must benefit our clients. 

We have served clients from small, service-based organizations to large aerospace companies with over 250 workstations.  We've taken them from 286-based systems to the latest Core i7 and Xeon processors.  In that time, we've learned that the most overlooked problem in the computing environment is dirt.

For several years during the late 1990s, we performed regular maintenance on our clients' systems, tearing them apart and cleaning dirty computers on a six-week schedule.  Though this was costly and time-consuming, it was necessary to protect our clients' hardware, especially in manufacturing facilities and in the greenhouses of a tropical plant distributor.  We researched filtered enclosures, but considered the cost per PC to be excessive.

Most enclosures on the market at that time were large, metal boxes that used HEPA filters to keep systems clean.  Not only were they too expensive, but there was the ongoing cost of HEPA filters, which added several hundred dollars to the cost per year for each PC. Others were filter bags or dust covers that were inexpensive but impractical.

So, we set out to design and build an enclosure that made sense for our customers with specific criteria.  Our concept required a reusable, high-efficiency, high-air-flow filter. The enclosure had to look good in the office, and it had to be reasonably priced.

After several years of testing, we fulfilled our goals and we are proud to manufacture the most practical and cost effective dust-free computer enclosures on the market™, our Clean-Aire™ Computer Enclosures.

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