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​Starting at just $369 for our Standard Mid-Tower Enclosure, Clean-Aire Computer Enclosures are the most practical and cost-effective dust-free computer enclosures on the market!

Best of all, our cleanable and reusable K&N Filters cost about $35 every two years! With an efficiency rating of 99.3%, these filters are by far more cost-effective than HEPA filters that can run $15-to-$30 per month.

We custom build enclosures for Gamers, Label Printers, NUCs, Metal Cabinets, and Server Cabinets. They are all designed to protect your systems from dust and dirt that can cause them to overheat and crash.

Our standard computer enclosures are designed for mid-tower PCs that measure up to 9"W X 18"H X 19"D.  Each comes with a 1" base standard.  For areas where water could be an issue, we also have a 4" base.  Just send us the dimensions and any specs on printer dongles or other cables which need additional space, and we'll build it for you.

We purposely use black bases, to demonstrate the ability of our enclosures to protect your computer from dirt. Even the tiniest specs of dust will show on the black base.

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Desktop Enclosures

9"H x 19"W x 19"D


Mid-Tower Enclosures 1" Base

10"W x 19"H x 24"D

$369.00 (4" Base $389)

Our New Mini Clean-Room

For Sterile Environments
Starting at ​$389.00

Custom Enclosures Start at


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K&N Filter Recharger Kit


K&N Filter 33-2008-1


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